Our Learning Programme provides a range of workshops for schools and educational organisations planning a visit to the centre.

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Archaeology workshop
Pupils will learn in more detail about the different scientific and archaeological methods used to research, excavate and verify the remains of the last Plantagenet King of England.

DNA workshop
Find out more about DNA in our hands-on science workshop. Using the University of Leicester’s Go Bananas experiment, developed by GENIE, students will extract DNA from a banana, as well as finding out exactly what DNA is, and how it makes us who we are.

Medieval knight workshop
There are two medieval knight workshops to choose from – Arming the Knight or Meet a fighting Knight. Both are available on Fridays throughout term time.

The Trial of King Richard III workshop
Help put King Richard III on trial – was he a fair King or an evil tyrant? Teams will evaluate contemporary evidence from the medieval period, and later evidence from secondary sources, to make the case for the prosecution and the defence.

For more information or to book your visit, call 0116 229 4132.