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New exhibition launch

Think you know your House of York from your House of Lancaster…?

This summer will see a new exhibition opening at the Visitor Centre.

The inspiration for the warring Houses of Stark and Lannister in Game of Thrones comes to Leicester, when “Murder, Mystery and Mayhem” launches on 1st July.

Long-considered as one of the most turbulent and complex times in British history, the Wars of the Roses were a tangled web of monarchy merry-go-rounds, land grabbing nobles, and some of the bloodiest battles fought on English soil.

The new exhibition allows visitors to delve deeper into the Wars of The Roses and discover the stories behind the Houses of York and Lancaster, the key characters, battles and events. A giant family tree will also help plot who did what, where, when and to whom. There is also a house of cards featuring key players in the bloody battles and political manoeuvring that can be walked around.

“Murder, Mystery and Mayhem” provides a highly visual introduction to the tumultuous times that surrounded King Richard III as he rose to power and has been designed to set the scene for the rest of the award-winning attraction.

Iain Gordon, Visitor Centre Director explained how the exhibition was developed: “Since we opened nearly three years ago, our visitors have asked us lots of questions about England before King Richard III was on the throne and specifically the Wars of The Roses.

“We recognised that this was an opportunity to extend the story of Richard III and over the last six months, we have been planning, researching and creating the “Murder, Mystery and Mayhem” exhibition.

“This is the first opportunity we have had to re-invest in the Visitor Centre since we opened in July 2014 and we wanted to reflect our visitors interest in finding out more about the Wars of The Roses. We hope the exhibition will help visitors new and old to unravel this sometimes bewildering period of time in English history!”

“Murder, Mystery and Mayhem” is included in admission to the Visitor Centre.

Book tickets now.

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