The Visitor Centre is providing a new, temporary residence for artefacts associated with the King’s reinterment.

Major restoration work underway at Leicester Cathedral means that it will be closed for more than a year so the Visitor Centre will be displaying the embroidered coffin pall and crown, both created for the reinterment of King Richard III in March 2015.

The pall was designed by textile artist Jacqui Binns and features representations of people from the time of Richard III as well as some of the people who have been significant in the more recent story of the King.

The crown that sits above the pall was made for the 2015 reinterment of King Richard III in the Cathedral, it was designed and commissioned by Dr John Ashdown-Hill.

Normally on display in the cathedral, the pall and crown have been installed close to the King’s original burial site, alongside a short video display of the tomb.

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