Ever wondered if you have the strength to pull a longbow?
Want to know what the weapon of choice for medieval soldiers was?
Which country was top of the armour-making league in medieval times?

Answers to all of this and more will be revealed at our Arms & Armour event over October Half Term.

With different half term holiday dates across the region, we’ll be talking about arms and armour for most of the month, but we don’t mind – we’ve got a lot to talk about!

From 15th – 19th October and 29th October – 2nd November our medieval swordsman will be welcoming you to the world of medieval combat by sharing tips of his trade and teaching you the ways of the medieval warrior. You can also discover how the weapons of the medieval period were really used in battle.

Our medieval knight may not have shining armour, but it certainly gives him the protection he needs on the battlefield! From 20th – 28th October you can come and meet him and find out how long it takes a knight to get dressed. He might even let you try on some armour for yourself.

On Saturday 27th October, we welcome weapons expert Bob Woosnam-Savage from The Royal Armouries in Leeds. Bob was part of the research team involved in the identification of the King’s remains and he will be talking about the type of weapons used to inflict the fatal wounds on King Richard III.

Throughout our Arms & Armour event, you can also create your own battlefield standard, with our craft activity – choose your own colours and emblems and fly your flag!

If all of that has left you hungry, you can sample our Battlefield Soup in the White Boar Café – a delicious, hearty potage to keep soldiers warm and nourished. You can also take five and decorate your own shield biscuits.

And if all that wasn’t enough to keep the whole family busy, there’s the incredible story of King Richard III to discover. Find out almost everything there is to know about the much-maligned king – his life, death and the discovery and identification of his remains. No visit is complete without seeing the actual place where the king’s remains lay undiscovered in a car park for over 500 years.

All our events and activities are included in the price of admission to the Visitor Centre and, once you’ve paid for your tickets, you can use them for unlimited visits for a whole year (additional cost for the shield biscuit decorating and Battlefield Soup). Events and craft activities do take place on specific dates so please check dates when you’re planning your visit.