As part of the Leicestershire & Rutland Festival of Archaeology, the Visitor Centre is delighted to welcome Mathew Morris from University of Leicester Archaeological Services as he gives this fascinating talk on the search for Leicester’s lost Franciscan friary

The discovery of King Richard III’s remains during an archaeological excavation in 2012 was a world-wide sensation but behind the headlines an arguably greater archaeological find was made, the discovery of the Franciscan friary in which the king was buried which had been lost for over 400 years.

Mathew, one of the lead archaeologists on the Grey Friars Project, will describe what the latest archaeological and historical research reveals about the history and development of this important medieval institution and the people who worshipped in and were buried in the church of the Grey Friars, including the stunning discovery of a mysterious high status lady buried in a lead coffin.

The talk takes place at the Visitor Centre on Thursday 19th July at 6:30pm. Tickets are £4 and must be booked in advance online or in person from the King Richard III Visitor Centre, 4A St Martins, Leicester, LE1 5DB

Image used is courtesy of the ULAS Facebook page.