The local area

There are lots of things to do while you’re in Leicester.

We’ve included some ideas below, but if you want more information ask at our admissions desk, as the Visitor Centre is also home to Visit Leicester!  Our experts can provide information on everything to see and do, eat and drink and shop in the city and beyond.

Discover more of King Richard III’s story and medieval Leicester

Richard III Walking Trail
Why not try the King Richard III self-guided walking trail? These are available from the Visitor Centre gift shop for £2.

Leicester Cathedral
Leicester Cathedral sits opposite the Visitor Centre and is home to the final resting place of the King. Currently undergoing major refurbishment, the Cathedral will re-open in Autumn 2023. Find out more.

The Guildhall
The Guildhall dates back to medieval times and would have been a building of importance during the time of King Richard III. Find out more here.

Richard III Statue
A bronze statue depicting Richard III was commissioned by the Richard III Society in 1980. It once stood in Castle Gardens, but was relocated to Cathedral Gardens, outside of the King Richard III Visitor Centre in 2014.

Bow Bridge
The present Bow Bridge replaced an earlier medieval structure over which King Richard III rode on his way to battle in Bosworth. The present bridge, built in 1861, depicts the white rose of York, the Tudor Rose, Richard’s White Boar emblem and his motto “Loyaulte me lie” (loyalty binds me).

The Magazine Gateway
The gateway, built around 1410, would once have been the entrance to the religious precinct called the Newarke, and was once called the Newarke Gateway. Today it is known as the Magazine Gateway in reference to its use as a gunpowder store during the English Civil War.