A Controversial King

Matthew Constantine, Collections, Learning and Interpretation Manager for Leicester City Council, is part of the team that curated the exhibition, and says it’s the most complex project he’s ever been involved with, inspiring passionate debate among all of those involved.

“Richard’s story is a fascinating one, and all of the main events in his life have been written about, but people writing at the time offer many differing accounts and it’s been a major feat to sift through all of the material available to us,” he said.

“We have tried to balance the many different views of researchers and historians, to create an exciting and compelling story.

“We have then tried to distill that information right down so it’s understandable to anyone who walks through the door of the Visitor Centre, and may know nothing about King Richard or that time in history.

“We’ve aimed to provide an intellectually robust interpretation of his life, that will inspire people to find out more about this incredible story.”

The exhibition includes artefacts recovered from the burial site, and replicas of historic pieces connected with King Richard.

As well as the permanent display, the Centre will also host a space for temporary exhibitions. Matthew said: “Almost everything connected with Richard is part of one national exhibition or another. The temporary space will give the visitor centre team the opportunity to borrow pieces for display in Leicester, which will ensure there are always new things to see.”