The King Richard III Visitor Centre is part of Leicester City Council’s, Leicester Museums & Galleries team, and together we are working to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in Leicester and are committed to working towards being carbon neutral by 2030.

We are also committed to buying goods and services responsibly, to maximise social, environmental and financial value, and seek to source our ingredients locally where possible and seasonally where appropriate.

We are constantly making efforts to reduce our food waste, with a low-food waste menu and by planning our food preparations and deliveries efficiently.

Travel Mugs with Visit Leicester and KRIII logos on themWe have a public water bottle refilling point outside the venue available for all, to encourage the reduction of the use of disposable plastic bottles, and our visitors can refill their bottle inside, just ask at the café counter.

Our shop sells reusable ‘collectors’ travel mugs that come with a White Boar Café free drink voucher to encourage our visitors to reduce, reuse and recycle.


For more information visit our Social Value Procurement pages or you can read the National Procurement Policy we follow here.

We strive to continually improve the buildings sustainability, having recently converted all our exhibition projectors to low energy LED systems. In 2022 we began updating all our interior lighting to low energy LED systems and by the Summer of 2023, all our interior and exterior lighting will be running on low energy efficient systems.

Our heating and hot water comes from a low-carbon biomass fuelled district heating system. This low carbon energy scheme serves 3,000 homes across six housing estates, through 13km of insulated pipework, as well as a number of other civic buildings in Leicester. The schemes use a combination of over 5MW of low carbon gas-fired Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system with a sustainably fuelled biomass boiler, to achieve CO2 emission savings of over 7,000 tonnes per annum.

We have low water usage cisterns and automated-taps fitted in many of our public toilets to reduce water use.

We recycle all of our suitable waste and try to operate as a paperless office, when we do need paper we use 100% recycled paper. Our ticketing system is available as an e-ticket to help further reduce the production of paper waste.

For more information visit our Environment and Sustainability pages or you can read our Environmental Policy here.