Onesie = A Royal Selfie

We are giving our visitors exclusive access during the Coronation week, to sit on the Coronation Chair and take a ‘Onesie’ (a Royal Selfie) on our replica St Edward’s Chair with the Stone of Destiny beneath.

Make your visit part of history!

Terms & Conditions:
2nd of May to 8th of May 2023

Valid Ticket Holders Only: Annual Passes last for a year from date of purchase and must be signed on the reverse by the ticket holder.

No ‘Usies’: One person at a time, no group photographs on the coronation chair.

Dress to Impress: Our dressing-up clothing will be available but is mostly children’s sizes. The wearing of your own ‘fancy dress’ is highly encouraged.

Be Considerate: St Edward’s Chair is the first object in our exhibition, please consider other visitors who want to view the exhibition, be kind and considerate at all times.

Onesies Only: Please take only one selfie, so that everyone that wishes to take a ‘onesie’ is able to do so, we don’t want to have to depose anyone.

Be Careful: St Edward’s Chair is ceremonial and a part of our exhibition, it was not built for comfort or safety, subsequently you are fully responsible for your own safety when getting on or off the chair, we take no liability for any accident or injury caused.

Non Royal Behaviour: Anyone not following these terms and conditions will be asked to leave the premises and in the case of serious breaches will forfeit their annual pass for future visits.